The Netherlands Association for the Study of Obesity (NASO) is a multidisciplinary association with the purpose to study, discuss, and disseminate all (basic) scientific and clinical aspects of overweight and obesity and associated complications. Our goal is to increase mutual exchange between members working in different fields of obesity research.

NASO Spring Meeting
Publication Prize

Congratulations to the nominees for the NASO publication award
for best paper in 2023:
Ozair Abawi (Erasmus MC)
Michelle Pang (Maastricht UMC+)
Carlijn Hoekx (Leiden UMC)

The winner was Carlijn Hoekx with first co-author Maaike Straat, from the group Patrick Rensen

with their paper 
Stimulation of the beta-2-adrenergic receptor with salbutamol activates human brown adipose tissue – ScienceDirect


For all our and your communication about obesity, we stimulate being respectful.
Use free non-stigmatizing pictures (here) and people-first language (here).

Since 2021 is has been acknowledged that obesity is a condition with biological and neuropsychological causes in interplay with the obesogenic environment and socio-economic context: “Obesity is a chronic relapsing disease, which in turn acts as a gateway to a range of other non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.” Obesity prevention | Knowledge for policy (europa.eu)