Financial support for thesis

To be eligible you should:

  • Have been a NASO member for at least 3 years
  • Have presented at least twice in a NASO meeting (spring meeting or combined ADDRM meeting)
  • Have written a thesis with a focus on obesity research
  • Apply at least 3 months before your thesis defense

In the application, you should explain why you fulfill the criteria and you add:

  • thesis title and table of contents
  • summary of your thesis

After preliminary approval of your application, you must:

  • Mention financial support from NASO in your thesis (‘Financial support from the Netherlands Association for the Study of Obesity (NASO) is greatly acknowledged’)
  • Send a copy of your thesis (preferably PDF-file and hardcopy) to all board members (for contact details, please see ‘Our Board’)
  • Hand in a copy of the printing costs (bill) to the NASO Treasurer

The funding depends on the number of applications in one year. In general, NASO will support financial costs up to 50% of the total bill with a maximum of €500.


NASO has provided financial support for the printing of the following theses in the field of obesity (overview since 2011):



Inez Trouwborst – Distinct metabolic phenotypes towards cardiometabolic diseases: implications for precision nutrition

Inge Verkouter – Adult weight change and cardiometabolic disease: studies into underlying pathways

Dorina Ibi – Genetics and Life Course Epidemiology of Cardiometabolic Diseases

Robin van Eenige – Targeting adipose tissue to improve cardiometabolic health

Anouk Gijbels – Precision nutrition for metabolic health: insights from human dietary intervention studies

C. Liu – Targeting inter-organ cross-talk in cardiometabolic disease


Fathimah Sigit – Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: From Clinical to Public Health Perspectives

Rikstje Wiersma – Early childhood physical activity behaviour and the developement of overweight


Dr. X.A.M.H. van Dierendonck (Wageningen University)
Fuelling the fire: Immunometabolism of monocytes and macrophages in obesity & diabetes

Dr. Lotte Kleinendorst (Amsterdam University)
Genetic obesity: Disorders and diagnostics

Dr. L. J. van Meijel (Maastricht University)
The metabolic impact of hypoxia exposure in human obesity: a translational approach

Dr. Z. Li (Leiden University Medical Center)
From gut to brain: novel therapeutic strategies to combat obesity-associated cardiometabolic diseases.

Dr. Mesut Savas (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Endogenous and Exogenous Glucocorticoids in Obesity and Stress-Related Diseases


Dr. Oyuntugs Byambasukh (University Medical Center Groningen)
Physical activity and cardiometabolic health

Dr. Esther Winters – van Eekelen (Leiden University Medical Center)
Abating abdominal adiposity: Modifiable lifestyle risk factors for visceral and liver fat deposition

Dr. Adriyan Pramono (Maastricht University)
Vitamin D in insulin sensitivity and obesity: fact or fiction?

Dr. Maxime Bos (Leiden University Medical Center)
Genetic and environmental determinants of cardiometabolic health

Dr. Manuel González Hernández
Impact of gut-derived metabolites on substrate metabolism and metabolic health

Dr. Petra Vinke (University Medical Center Groningen)
A life course perspective on diet quality and healthy aging

Dr. Tim Christen (Leiden University Medical Center)
Novel insights into blood markers and cardiovascular disease


Dr. Paul de Goede (University of Amsterdam)
Daily rhythms in muscle mitochondria: effects of time-restricted feeding and exercise

Dr. Mattea Müller (Maastricht University)
Gastrointestinal transit time, gut microbiota and metabolic health: Modulation by dietary fibers

Dr. Eline Kuipers (Leiden University Medical Centre)
Dietary modulation of adipose tissue and cardiometabolic health

Dr. Dorine Elffers (Leiden University Medical Centre)
Obesity and cardiovascular risk: results from the Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity Study


Dr. Merel Rijnsburger (University of Amsterdam)
Central regulation of glucose metabolism: effects of nutrients, serotonin and dopamine

Dr. Birgitta van der Kolk (Maastricht University)
Tissue-specific insulin resistance in human obesity: a physiological approach to lipid metabolism

Dr. Max Vogel (Maastricht University)
Tissue oxygenation in human obesity: role in adipose tissue dysfunction and metabolic health

Dr. Sophie Schutte (Wageningen University and Research)
Phenotyping the effects of nutrient quality on metbaolic health: starring the liver & adipose tissue

Dr. Anne Looijmans (University Medical Centre Groningen)
Lifestyle interventions in patients with severe mental illness: addressing self-management and living environment to improve health


Dr. Lianne van Beek (Leiden University Medical Centre)
Systemic and white adipose tissue inflammation in obesity


Dr. Jasper Most (Maastricht University)
Dietary polyphenols: modulators of energy and substrate metabolism in obese humans

Dr. Leanne Küpers (University Medical Centre Groningen)
The first 1000 days and beyond: from early life environment to epigenetics and childhood overweight

Dr. Dorien Reijnders (Maastricht University)
Microbiota, obesity and insulin resistance: unraveling the impact of the microbiome on metabolic health in humans

Dr. Emanuel Canfora (Maastricht University)
Short-chain fatty acids: the link between gut microbiota and metabolic health



Dr. Karianna Teunissen-Beekman (Maastricht University)
Dietary proteins and blood pressure regulation

Dr. Lianne Leermakers (Erasmus University Medical Centre)
Early-life nutrition and cardiometabolic health across

Dr. Anouk van der Lans (Maastricht University)
Keeping wam in the cold: human brown adipose tissue upon cold acclimation

Dr. Mattijs Heemskerk (Leiden University Medical Centre)
The role of energy & fatty acid metabolism in obesity and insulin treatment

Dr. Erik Aller (Maastricht University)
Obesity treatment: evaluation of conservative treatment strategies


Dr. Jose van den Heuvel (University of Amsterdam)
Neural pathways controlling homeostatic and hedonic feeding in rats on free-choice diets


Dr. Ellen Konings (Maastricht University)
Dietary manipulations of fat metabolism in relation to obesity and insulin resistrance

Dr. Anna Sijtsma (University Medical Centre Groningen)
Physical activity and overweight in young children

Dr. Eveline Bruinstroop (University of Amsterdam)
Neural control of hepatic lipid metabolism: a (patho)physiological perspective

Dr. Elske de Jong (VU Amsterdam)
Parenting and home environment as targets inchildhood overweight prevention: results from the ChecKid Study

Dr. Elodie Girault (University of Amsterdam)
The role of hypothalamic pathways in the metabolic side effects of Olanzapine


Dr. A. Jans (Maastricht University)
Skeletal muscle fatty acid handling in insulin resistance: the effect of dietary fatty acids

Dr. Margaretha Bekkers (Utrecht University)
Overweight and respiratory and cardiovascular health in children: the PIAMA birth cohort study

Dr. Wilma Waterlander (VU Amsterdam)
Put the money where the mouth is

Dr. Chantalle Moors (Maastricht University)
Fatty acid handling and impaired glucose metabolism: the role of the renin-angiotensin system

Dr. Judith van Can (Maastricht University)
Modulation of fat oxidation. Nutritional and pharmacological approach

Dr. Elsmarieke van de Giessen (University of Amsterdam)
Neurobiological aspects of obesity: dopamine, serotonin, and imaging


Dr. Sander Wijers (Maastricht University)
Cold and diet induced thermogenesis in humans: implications for obesity

Dr. Noor Heim (VU Amsterdam)
Obesity in old age: criteria and consequences

Dr. Willemijn Vermeer (VU Amsterdam)
Small, medium, larger or supersize? The development and evaluation of interventions targeted at portion size

Dr. Anneke van Hees (Maastricht University)
Fatty acid metabolism in the metabolic syndrome